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Annual Brahmotsavams of Lord Venkateswara conclude in Tirupati

27 Sep 2020

Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh) [India], September 28 (ANI): The annual Brahmotsavams of Lord Venkateswara concluded on Sunday after the nine days of festivities at Lord Balaji's Temple in Tirumala at Tirupati in Chittoor district Andhra Pradesh.As part of the concluding ceremony, the "Chakra Snanam" (A ritual of holy bath) was performed on Sunday morning.After the offering of special prayers, Lord Venkateswara's idol and his "Sudarsana Chakra" were given the holy bath.The Brahmotsavams will end with "Dhwaja Avarohanam" (descending the flag) at the end of the day.Earlier at the beginning of the festivities, the ceremonious 'Dhwajarohanam' was performed inside the hill temple of Tirumala, where the temple flag bearing the imprint of Lord Garuda was hoisted atop the 'Dhwajasthambham' (flag post) amid chanting of Vedic hymns by scholars in adherence to the procedures laid down in the Agama sastra. (ANI)

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